Will there be an after party?

Yes! The after party for students will take place in the Celebration Center on Wednesday evening, June 19th! 


Are there any community group sessions?

We will have various community group sessions that will be broken up by age group (middle school, high school, college, and youth pastor/leader). Lunch will be served within community groups for each age group.


Am I able to choose which community group sessions to attend?

Our community groups are intentionally designed for specific age groups (middle school, high school, college, and youth pastor/leader). In order to have the best experience possible, all students will be assigned to the appropriate community group they fall into to attend. 


Where do I eat during the conference?

During lunch, food will be provided to all attendees during community group.  During dinner, attendees have the option to purchase a meal on-site with meals ranging from $5-$15. We are also located within 5 miles of multiple shopping areas with various food options for those who desire to go off campus for dinner. The Blend in the Celebration Center will also be open and available for the purchase of snacks and drinks during the conference.